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This home page is associated with and dedicated to the descendents of Charles Elmer Blackburn born on 7/18/1874 in Bedford, PA.  His four sons (Phil - Age ~34, Wilson - Age ~47, Ben - Age ~39 and Bob - age ~52) are shown below standing in front of the Blackburn family cabin built by them with the help from their four sisters (Ruth, Margaret, Mary, and Virginia) on the shores of Table Rock Lake near Eagle Rock, Missouri - around 1965.

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Phil, Wilson, Ben and Bob (1965)

And here is the cabin today...

The Cabin taken on 12/26/06 Front of Cabin taken 12/26/06

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  • We are now on Facebook!  If you are not on Facebook then get on!  Its been a great way for our family to stay in touch and share info.   See to sign up!  And then also join the Facebook Group "The Charles Elmer Blackburn Family"!!  
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Photo Album

Check out the Family Pics web page that contains some fun pictures of the cabin, Tablerock lake, and members of the family.  

Reunion Highlights

scan0002.jpg (1111917 bytes)2007 reunion Porta Pottie Points! are available for immediate reference!! 



Greg Blackburn and his family jotted down a few Top 10 sayings from 2004 reunion...

Want to see a list of the top 10 things said by Jesse and/or Chris at the 98 Reunion as heard by the fourth generation?  Just click here!

How many of the "TOP 10 things overheard at the 1995 Blackburn Reunion" written by the third generation can you remember?  Click here to check yourself.  (Thanks Amy Jo!)

The Blackburn Reunion "Manual" provides step by step guidance on planning the perfect reunion and has been captured electronically.  It is in Wilson Blackburn's hand writing with notes from Phil Blackburn written in the early 90s and is a great example of the leadership and organization established by "the first" generation.

A complete list of items from previous reunions is available on the Reunion Reference page!

Our Family Tree

A special Family Tree picture album has been created showing some photos of Charles and Josephine Blackburn's family.  Just click on the photo at the right to go to that page.  If you have some old keepsake pictures like these please send them for posting!!

Another  very good Blackburn Family Tree can be found at  This site is maintained by The Blackburn Family Association and contains a wealth of information regarding the Blackburn genealogy  limited to the descendants of John Blackburn Sr. b. abt. 1675 Ireland & Mary Courtney b. abt. 1680 Ireland (1st wife) & Rachel Morton b. 1694 Ireland (2nd wife).

Table Rock Lake Level

How 'bout a spin around the lake?Table Rock Level Conditions* (best level for Point volleyball, swimming and boating: <915):

Top Flood Pool: 931.0
Top Power Pool: 915.0
Bottom Power Pool: 881.0

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